LPDC / Professional Development


LPDC / Professional Development

Vermilion Local Schools Professional Development


Ohio SchoolNet - Professional Development Opportunities on their website https://www4.osn.state.oh.us/jcore/portal/home.jsp


BER Seminars A list of the seminars scheduled for the Cleveland area for the next five months can be found at:


IED Seminars A list of the seminars scheduled for the Cleveland area for the next four months can be found at:


WVIZ/PBS Fall Workshops

Some have a Graduate Option

A listing of our workshops for second semester can be found at http://www.wviz.org/workshops/

College Courses

BGSU Off-Campus Programs http://off-campus.bgsu.edu toll free: 877-650-8165 or


WVIZ/PBS Teacher Line Online Classes

2 semester hours of graduate credit from Ashland University, Cleveland State University or Adams State College.

For more information or to register for a WVIZ/PBS local course, contact:
Ann Ebersole ebersole@teacherplace.net
Karen Sottosanti ksottosanti@wviz.org.

VHS Faculty: Don't forget to check in the teachers' lounge for various graduate courses available from a variety of colleges. There are pamphlets and handouts from the colleges.    

Recommended Reading


T 011 NIC Guide to reference books for school Nichols, Margaret

T 016.813 Genreflecting: a guide to reading Herald, Diana Tixier

T 016.823 WIL Fiction catalog

T 025.0637 BAR The Internet and instruction Barron, Ann E.

T 153.9 BEL Multiple assessments for multiple intelligences Bellanca,

James A.

T 155.5 HIL So what do I do about me? Hill, Kirk

T 370.19 FEI School and society Feinberg, Walter

T 370.19 SAD Failing at fairness Sadker, Myra

T 370.19 TOZ School and society Tozer, Steven

T 371.02 HAR Inspiring active learning Harmin, Merrill

T 371.03 CAN Parents on your side Canter, Lee

T 371.1 CAN Chicken soup for the teacher's soul Canfield, Jack

T 371.1 DAN Enhancing professional practice Danielson, Charlotte

T 371.1 HAN Learning styles and strategies Hanson, J. Robert

T 371.1 KOH Growing minds: on becoming a teacher Kohl, Herbert R.

T 371.1 SIL Teaching styles and strategies Silver, Harvey S.

Manual 1

T 371.1 SIL Teaching styles & strategies Silver, Harry

Manual 2

T 371.1 WON The first days of school Wong, Harry K.

Two copies

T 371.102 GOO The caring teacher's guide to discipline Gootman, Marilyn

T 371.1024 RHO The tough kid book Rhode, Ginger.

T 371.3 KAG Cooperative learning Kagan, Spencer

T 371.3 MIL The Internet resource directory for K-12 teachers and librarians. Miller,

Elizabeth B.

T 371.33 INT National educational technology standards International

Society for Technology in Education – two copies

T 371.33 LEU Teaching with the Internet Leu, Donald J.

T 371.5 CHA Building classroom discipline Charles, C. M.

T 371.9 CAN Succeeding with difficult students Canter, Lee

T 371.9 MAS The inclusive classroom Mastropieri, Margo A.

T 372.1 CAN Homework without tears for teachers Canter, Lee

T 428.0071 TAY Literacy leadership for grades 5-12 Taylor, Rosemarye

T 507.1 KOL Integrated mathematics and science Kolodiy, George

T 510 MAT Math on file

T 611 HUM The Human body on file

T 613 HEA Health on file

T 616.85 SCH The post-traumatic stress disorder Schiraldi, Glenn R.

T 796.32 COU Basketball: concepts and technique Cousy, Bob

T 796.4 WIL International track and field coach Wilt, Fred

T 808.0427 BEH Writing and reading across the curriculum Behrens, Laurence

T 810.9 DRE The 100 most popular young adult authors Drew, Bernard A.

T 822.33 BLO Shakespeare: the invention of the Human Bloom, Harold
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