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Important Message Regarding Food Bags for Students

Dear Parents,

As a partner of Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio, Vermilion School District, in partnership with the Vermilion Salvation Army, receives items that have been purchased and donated, and may occasionally receive food items that are past the product’s recommended date for best quality. Please understand that product dates are in no way a measure of food safety, but are labeled for retailers as suggested inventory rotation associated with the quality of the product. 

Second Harvest receives items every day that are past their “expiration date” from community members and retailers kind enough to donate rather than sending perfectly safe food to our landfills. Second Harvest accepts shelf-stable items including dry goods, shelf-stable milk, and canned goods up to 12 months past the product date. To further illustrate the meaning of dates on products you see every day at the store, below is a description from ServSafe about each date.

Vermilion Schools, Vermilion Salvation Army, and Second Harvest would not risk sending home unsafe food to your children; we are as invested as you are to ensure that our young community members are growing strong with safe and nutritional diets. Please be assured that the item is still safe to consume unless you open the container and suspect that the product has gone bad. As with any food safety concern regarding product you would get at the store or anywhere else, when in doubt, throw it out.

If you have any other concerns about food items included in your child’s pantry bag from Vermilion Schools that has been received from Second Harvest, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Sargent at Vermilion Local Schools or Sarah Horan, Member Compliance Coordinator, at Second Harvest.

What's In A Date?  Here's How to Know! 


Samantha Flores                                                           Sarah Sargent
Program & Member Services Manager                     Community Navigator
Second Harvest Food Bank                                         Vermilion Local School District
of North Central Ohio


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