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Payroll Forms and Work Schedules

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Payroll Forms and Work Calendars

Payroll Forms:


Federal W-4 Tax Form


State of Ohio IT-4 Withholding Form


Payroll Direct Deposit Form


Municipal Income Tax Withholding Authorization Form


USCIS I-9 Form


Payroll Calendar 2013-2014


Personal Data Change Form


ACH Direct Deposit for Reimbursements



STRS Ohio Member Resources

    Member Services Center toll-free number:      1-888-227-7877

    Member website:   www.strsoh.org

    Member email:  ContactUs@strsoh.org

SERS Ohio Member Resources

    Website:           www.ohsers.org

    Members toll-free:  (866) 280-7377

    Retirees toll-free:  (800) 878-5853

Employee Work Calendars 2013-2014:

12 Month Administrators

224 Day Administrators

Special Education Supervisor

Teacher Calendar

Counselor Extended Day Calendar - 15 Days

Counselor Extended Day Calendar - 10 Days

12 Month Classified Staff and Supervisors

224 Day Lead Administrative Assistant

217 Day Administrative Assistant

210 Day Administrative Assistant

213 Day Administrative Assistant

202 Day Administrative Assistant

Educational Aides

Cafeteria Managers

Bus Drivers and Monitors (Bus, Cafeteria and Playground)

4 Day per Week Preschool Bus Run

Inter-office Mail Run - 3 Days per Week

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