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SMS March Teacher of the Month

March 15, 2012


KELLY PITTS- 4th Grade Math/Science/Social Studies

Visually stunning is the best way to describe Mrs. Pitts room.  She has created engaging and informative bulletin boards for her students.  This, in addition to her great rapport with the students, is why Kelly Pitts has been recognized as our Teacher of the Month.  Mrs. Pitts engages her students by telling wonderful stories that connect to the lesson.  She has a great sense of humor and has a knack for telling the goofy joke that will get her students to laugh and learn at the same time.  She is passionate about teaching and doing the best she can for her students.  

Mrs. Pitts went to LCCC and transferred to BGSU where she earned her degree in Regular Education 1-8 and Special Education K-12.  When she is not working on classroom ideas, Mrs. Pitts loves to garden.  She also likes to read and browsing pinterest.com.  
Interview on Teaching and Learning

How many years have you been teaching?
This is my first year teaching regular education. I have been teaching students with disabilities for the past fifteen years. That makes this my sixteenth year overall! Wow...I hadn’t really thought about it. Sure doesn’t seem that long.

Why did you choose teaching as a profession?
I became a teacher because I always enjoyed school. I was lucky enough to have some amazing teachers put in my path that I could look up to. Early on, I was drawn to the struggling learners and made that my first career choice.

Why or how did you choose to come to Vermilion?
I was finishing my second year at Elyria High School and knew I wanted to work with younger children. I had a friend who golfed on a league at the course I worked at in the summers. I told him how I wanted a change and he just happened to work for Vermilion Schools. He helped to get me an interview and the rest is a much happier history.

What do you like most about the Vermilion Local School District?
That’s easy...the people I work with! I have some amazing friends as a result of working in this district. They support me when I need it, share ideas when I run out of my own and keep me focussed on the big picture.

Give some examples of things you believe are important in teaching.
I truly believe that school should be a safe place to learn. I aways tell my math students, “The math police are not going to come and take you away if you make a mistake. I won’t let them!” Kids need to feel safe in a classroom to make mistakes. That’s one way we can learn.

What do you think is the most important thing you offer Vermilion students?
My sense of humor. We laugh and have fun in class while getting down to business and learning what we need to learn.

Describe some important influences in your life.
First, is my dad. He has amazing strength in the face of some major adversities. Through his strength I have become a better teacher, parent, and woman.
Second, is my husband. He ALWAYS believes in me - even when I doubt myself.
Last, but not least, my two kids. J.D. and Madison have unknowingly molded me into a much better teacher. They have made me stop and think, “What if this student were my own child? How would I hope the teacher would treat them?”

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