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SMS April Teacher of the Month

April 15, 2012

SMS April Teacher of the Month

Heather Shoop- 5th Grade Language Arts

Learning can be fun!  A walk through Mrs. Shoop’s room proves that daily.  When you enter her classroom, you quickly see her students engaged and working on their daily lessons with interest and vigor.  Mrs. Shoop does a fantastic job of introducing material and then stepping back to allow her students the opportunity to develop their skills.  She is a true professional and is continually working to ensure her students receive the best education possible.

A graduate of Baldwin-Wallace,  Mrs. Shoop came to Vermilion after hearing about an opening from a friend.  This is Mrs. Shoop’s thirteenth year in the district and she is still excited to be in the classroom watching the progress her students make.  Mrs. Shoop is married to her husband, Reid, and has two children, Cameron and Cohen.

Interview on Teaching and Leading   

How many years have you been teaching?  13 years (wow!)
Why or how did you choose to come to Vermilion?
I had just graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College and was working at Creative Teaching for the summer. I met a teacher who worked in Vermilion and she spoke very highly of Vermilion so I decided to apply! I dropped off my application to George Harizal the next day!

What do you like most about the Vermilion Local School District? I love the small community. I enjoy bringing my family here in the summer to get ice cream or to walk around by the lake. I enjoy seeing past students when I am out and about.

Give some examples of things you believe are important in teaching. I believe that it is important to make every student feel special and unique. I try to plan my lessons based on their interests. My classroom is a place where students feel safe to express their opinions and that is very important to me. I believe in a structured classroom - but we still have fun!

What do you think is the most important thing you offer Vermilion students? A positive attitude in a safe and fun learning environment.

Describe some important influences in your life. My parents have been the most important influences in my life. They taught me from a very young age to always try your best and to do what you love! They have always supported me in all of my decisions in my life. My dad instilled hard work and determination in me and my mom always taught me to work hard but have fun, too! They have truly shaped the person I am today.

Do you have any interests outside of your job? I stay very busy with my family in Norwalk. My husband, Reid, is a teacher and coach in Norwalk. We stay busy going to football and basketball games. My oldest son, Cameron, is very involved in baseball, basketball and now soccer. (I've had to start learning all about soccer!) My 2 year old son Cohen keeps us all on our toes with his constant energy. I enjoy being outside with my boys, visiting family on the weekend, being active in my church and reading when I get a chance to sit down.

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