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Teachers' Websites

VHS Teachers' Websites

Inclusion Resources - All Subjects 
Social Studies
Grade 8 Social Studies - Mr. Pisano - use Google Classroom  Password:  xg3k25s

Miss. Edmison


Biology - Mrs. Rini

Biology and Honors Biology - Mrs. Jessen

Forensics - Mrs. Rini

Honors Physical Science - Mr. Schneid

Science 8 - Mrs. Rini

Science - Mr. Walther 

Chemistry - Mr. Baker

Honors Chemistry - Mr. Baker

Honors Physical Science - Mr. Baker 


Mr. Klein- Algebra, Calculus, PreCalculus

Mr. Snook

Mrs. Caffarel - Algebra 2

Mrs. Caffarel - Geometry

Mrs. Caffarel - Honors Geometry

Foreign Language

French- Madame Webb

Spanish - All students have access to their assignments through Schoolology.  Parents can see student work at using the student account. 

Language Arts

Mrs. Graves website 

Mrs. Higley - Check Google Classroom