District Profile

District Profile

Welcome to VLSD District Profile Page

The Vermilion Local School District consists of three (3) school buildings located on one campus.  Check the web page for each school (linked below), or follow each school on Facebook. 

Vermilion Board of Education

1250 Sanford Street
Vermilion  OH  44089
Philip M. Pempin, Superintendent, ext. 124
Justin Klingshirn, Treasurer, ext. 198
Lisa Deliz, Assistant Superintendent / Curriculum Director, 197
Shawn Bergman, Technology Coordinator, ext. 236
John Parsons, Operations Coordinator, ext. 107

Title IX Coordinator
Lisa Deliz

Vermilion Elementary School - Kindergarten through Grade 3
Principal Matthew Malear
1285 Douglas Street
Vermilion  OH  44089 
Sailorway Middle School - Grades 4 through 7
Principal Beth Bartlome
Assistant Principal Robert Figuly 
5355 Sailorway Drive
Vermilion  OH  44089 
Vermilion High School - Grades 8 through 12
Principal Jennifer Bengele
Assistant Principal Jay Lukasko 
1250 Sanford Street
Vermilion  OH  44089 
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