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Refer a Student to a National Honor Society Partner

Teachers:  If you have identified students who are struggling with coursework, we can help!  We would like to match your students with a peer tutor who is a member of National Honor Society.  This program is available to teachers of students in grades K through 10.  

Please complete the referral form linked below and we will match your student with an appropriate tutor.   If you have questions about this program, please contact Kellie Pancost or Mike D'Egidio.

SST Referrals

SST Referral Form - Vermilion High School and Vermilion Elementary School 

     SST Referral Form (VES/VHS)

Ohio Evaluation System Teacher Resources

Ohio Evaluation System for OTES 2.0

OTES 2.0 Rubric 


Professional Growth Plan 

State and District Information Related to OTES 2.0

High-Quality Student Data 

Other Resources