Curriculum Department Overview

The Mission of the Vermilion Local School District is "To Make Every Student College and Career Ready Through Personalized Instruction".  
Strategies adopted by the Board to fulfill this mission are as follows:
  • Implement co-teaching to provide high quality first instruction, appropriate intervention and/or enrichment as indicated by assessment data.
  • Implement blended learning to provide high quality first instruction, appropriate intervention and/or enrichment as indicated by assessment data.
  • Implement center/station based learning to provide high quality first instruction, appropriate intervention and/or enrichment as indicated by assessment data.

The Vermilion Local School District is working toward alignment with national Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects as well as the Ohio Revised Standards in all other curricular areas. Twenty-first century learning requires deep understanding and effective use of content for real-world purpose, problem solving, frequent research and writing, as well as effective communication for authentic audiences. Students deserve to deeply understand content and to understand why and how information, technology, and inspiration are used to understand and thrive in the global world. To that end, the Vermilion teaching staff purposefully designs units of instruction. Well before instruction begins, the desired results for teaching and learning are purposefully designed, assessments are aligned, and it is clearly understood how students may demonstrate evidence of learning.

We believe in a world in which all learners are empowered to discover their own special genius. The administration and faculty in the Vermilion Local School District have shown this by developing an award winning 1:1 technology initiative. As a team we exhibit the five best practices of an Apple Distinguished Program; visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success, and a flexible learning environment. Technology is used to enhance teaching and learning to ensure that all students are prepared for future success in work and life.

Working Together

What is Vermilion Local Schools doing to improve student learning?

  • Additional help is available to any student during the school day
  • Lists of available tutors within the district are available (at parent expense)
  • Regularly scheduled academic assessments to determine student strengths and needs
  • Title I or Academic Assistance is available for eligible children in the elementary buildings
  • Teachers are required to attend district staff development programs designed to improve/update instruction
  • Teachers use proven research based strategies
  • Teachers meet in grade level teams to plan
  • Each building holds meetings to plan additional interventions for struggling students
  • Staff and students are accountable for meeting academic standards set by the state of Ohio

What can you do to help improve student learning?

  • Make sure you understand your child’s class homework policy
  • Check assignment notebooks and Progress Book daily
  • Hold high expectations for your child’s academic achievement
  • Attend conferences
  • Review your child’s report card with your child
  • Contact your child’s teacher with questions about your child’s progress
  • Attend Open Houses and school programs
  • Volunteer
  • Vote

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee is a program to identify students from kindergarten through grade 3 that are behind in reading. Schools will provide help and support to make sure students are on track for reading success by the end of third grade. The department provides policy guidance, instructional tools, and resources on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

The Ohio Department of Education created a guidance manual to help school districts, community schools, and chartered nonpublic schools understand the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Click HERE to learn more about Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Parent Involvement

Parental Involvement District Requirements in the No Child Left Behind Act - 2001, Section 1118

The district/school must provide assistance to parents annually in understanding the State's academic content and achievement standards, academic assessments, requirements of Title I, how to monitor a child's progress and how to work with educators.

Vermilion Local Schools conducts parent conferences twice each school year. Buildings host Curriculum Nights, Open Houses, etc.

The district/school must provide materials and training annually to help parents work with their children to improve achievement.

Vermilion Local Schools have parent involvement materials, which can be loaned to parents. Annual parent meetings are scheduled to provide parents with suggestions on how they can help their children at home.

The district/school must educate teachers, pupil personnel, principals and other staff in their value and utility of contributions of parents and how to work with parents to build ties between parents and school.

Vermilion Local Schools provides professional development activities related to working with parents and promoting partnerships.

The district/school must, as feasible and appropriate, coordinate parent involvement programs with Reading First, Early Reading First, Even Start, Home Instruction Programs for Preschool Youngsters, Parents as Teachers Program, public preschool and other programs.

Vermilion Local Schools hosts Parents as Teachers and a Special Needs Public Preschool. Both are housed in our district buildings, thereby providing these parents access to all parent programs offered in the district.

The district/school must ensure that information related to school and parent activities is sent to the parents of participating children in a format and language parents can understand.

This is included in the Vermilion Local Schools Parent Involvement Policy.

The district/school must provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.

Vermilion Local Schools annually surveys parents requesting their input. Through district support, PTO programs, and other resources the district is responsive to parent requests.

The district must request parent/community comments on the improvement plan and the parent involvement policy, both the district written policy, and the school building policy.

Vermilion Local Schools surveys parents and conducts parent meetings annually for the purposes listed above.

A written parental involvement policy shall be developed jointly with, agreed upon with, and distributed to parents of participating children.

Vermilion Local Schools Title I buildings have a jointly developed parent involvement policy that is reviewed annually at each building and distributed to all Title I served children. As a component of the parent involvement policy, each school must jointly develop with parents a school-parent compact, which is to include the following:

  1. An annual meeting to explain the requirements and the right of the parents to be involve
  2. A flexible number of meetings
  3. Involvement of parents in the planning, review and improvement of the school parent compact

The district may also choose to:

  1. Involve parents in the development of training programs for teachers,principals and other educators.
  2. Provide literacy training to parents
  3. Pay reasonable expenses for parent activities including transportation and child care costs-
  4. Provide training to parents to enhance the involvement of other parents
  5. Maximize parent participation by scheduling meetings at various times or as in-home conferences with parents not able to attend meetings
  6. Adopt model approaches to improving parental involvement
  7. Establish a district-wide parent advisory council to provide advice on all matters related to parental involvement
  8. Develop appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent activities

Parent Resources

The Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center provides the following statewide services to schools and organizations:

Training opportunities

Information and referral

Education and social service consultation

Assistance with parent involvement efforts

Support to replicate our other family involvement efforts

Presentations and training

Understand the importance of family involvement in schools

Increase parent knowledge of child development and educational practices

Increase student success!

For more information contact:

The Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center

5812 Madison Road # 3

Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Phone (513) 272-0273 or (800) 686-1738

Fax (513) 527-2485

e-mail [email protected]

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