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Safe Schools Procedures





Vermilion Local School District has a written Crisis Response Plan to guide our response to various emergency situations. 

The district-wide plan is reviewed bi-monthly by the District Crisis Team, a committee that includes the superintendent, assistant superintendent, building principals, teachers, classified personnel, and the school resource officer.  
A copy of the district's Crisis Response Plan is issued to all staff members each year.  Building Crisis Teams hold regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the Plan and safety procedures.  Recommendations are taken from the Building Crisis Teams to the District Crisis Team as needed.  Suggestions are reviewed by the district team and the plan is updated with relevant material.  Members of the building and district crisis teams attend safety workshops and seminars annually to get new ideas for the local plan. 
FOR PARENTS: A copy of the district’s Crisis Response Plan is available in each building office and in your child’s classroom.  


SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Inspections are completed annually by the Ohio Highway Patrol, the State Fire Marshal, Erie County Health Department, and on request by the county emergency management agency.


FIRE & TORNADO DRILLS: Drills are conducted monthly on a schedule required by the State of Ohio.


BUILDING EVACUATION: Each building has an evacuation plan for fire and other emergencies.  Students are evacuated from their building and are not permitted to re-enter until the building administrator and/or safety forces have approved re-admittance.  If the evacuation is expected to last for a prolonged period of time, students will be moved to the next nearest school building.  If both buildings need to be evacuated, students will be moved to a pre-planned secondary evacuation site.


BUILDING LOCK DOWN PROCEDURES: Each month every school building conducts a lock down drill. This type of drill provides training for students and staff in case of an intruder or other threat. During a lock down drill ALL doors in the building are locked. In the middle school, hall gates are pulled down and locked. Staff and students remain in shelter-in-place mode in their classroom. Blinds are pulled with staff and students moving to an area in the classroom away from doors and windows. Entry into any area is under the authority of the building principal. The School Safety Officer, School Resource Officer, and city safety forces are sometimes involved in the lock down drills.  

BUILDING SECURITY:  Exterior doors of all school buildings are kept locked throughout the school day. All visitors must enter through the main entrance to be granted access during the school day.  Visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor name tag while in the building.  All staff members are instructed to report any unauthorized persons to the office immediately.  Staff members are issued picture identification badges that are updated annually. 

All buildings are equipped with security systems that include video monitoring both inside and outside the building. Building floor plans are on file with the police and fire departments.  Room numbers are displayed in windows and all exits are numbered for ease of communication with safety forces.

BUS SAFETY:  School buses are inspected annually and randomly throughout the year by the Ohio Highway Patrol. School bus drivers are required to take annual physicals and are subject to random drug testing.  Bus drivers practice emergency evacuation drills at least twice each school year.  All buses are in constant radio contact with the Transportation Supervisor and the Board of Education office. Bus drivers going out of town are issued cellular telephones to use only in case of emergency.

NURSING STAFF:  Nurses are assigned to the Vermilion Schools through the Erie County General Health District.  These individuals are on duty in every school for a scheduled period each day.

COOPERATION WITH SAFETY FORCES: The Vermilion Police Department, Vermilion Fire Department, and Lorain County SWAT Team regularly use school facilities for training.  This cooperation allows these first responders to become familiar with our school facilities to save time in the event of an emergency. 

HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBILITY: In an effort to safely serve students, parents, and the general public, numerous handicapped accessibility issues have been addressed.  All buildings are 100% handicapped accessible.  Improvements in elevators, rest rooms and entrances have increased access for individuals who are challenged.  Please contact the school Principal with any questions regarding accessibility.  

Contact Information

Administration Office   
     Superintendent Philip Pempin
     Asst Superintendent Lisa Deliz
Student Services Director
     Karen Blackburn
     440-204-1701, ext. 336 
Technology Coordinator
     Shawn Bergman
     440-204-1700, ext. 226
Operations Coordinator
     John Parsons
     440-204-1700 ext. 107
Vermilion High School  
     Principal Jennifer Bengele
     Asst Principal Jay Lukasko 
Sailorway Middle School  
     Principal Beth Bartlome
     Asst Principal Robert Figuly
Vermilion Elementary  
     Principal Matthew Malear