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Vermilion Local Schools Gifted Identification Policy

The Vermilion Local School District identifies students as gifted in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and visual and performing arts. We follow the procedures outlined in Ohio Revised Code 3324.01 to 3324.07.   

Click these links to learn more about gifted education in Ohio:   

Ohio Gifted Operating Standards

Gifted Identification and Screening in Ohio

The Plan and Procedure for Identification and Service of Students Who are Gifted was adopted by the Vermilion Board of Education in August 2021.  A copy of the document can be downloaded at this link: Gifted Plan and Policy

Teachers and/or parents may refer children for identification by completing and submitting a referral form obtained from the building principal, gifted intervention specialist or the gifted coordinator. Parents will receive official notice from the building principal, the gifted coordinator or the classroom teacher if their child qualifies for one of the many services offered by the district.

Gifted Placement Identification

A student is considered screened for gifted identification when he or she is first evaluated using a state-approved instrument for gifted identification.  The referral form to request testing can be found here:  Gifted Referral From

Per state guidelines, the district will provide whole-grade screening opportunities in Grade 2 and Grade 5 in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability in math and reading, and creative thinking ability using state-approved assessments and criteria.

The district will screen students individually referred for gifted identification within 90 days of referral by a trained individual using state-approved assessments and criteria.

In the case of students who are referred but do not qualify on the initial screening, a second opportunity to be assessed with a different state-approved instrument will be provided within the school year. Students referred or eligible for reassessment after March 31st will be rescheduled prior to or during the month of October.

Gifted Parent Permission for Testing Form

When your child is evaluated for Vermilion gifted services, and you are notified that further testing is required for gifted identification purposes, the following types of tests may be administered to your child: an IQ test, which is a test of the student's ability, or an achievement test, which is a test of student achievement. These tests may be given in a group or individually.

No assessment will be done without your written permission. If you have questions about the form or the testing process, please get in touch with your child's principal.

Please read the letter carefully and return the bottom portion to your child's school office.

Parent Permission for Testing Form

Gifted Education

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