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Hall of Fame

Vermilion High School Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor those alumni who have gone on to significant success in life as well as other individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Vermilion Local Schools.  By induction into the Vermilion High School Hall of Fame, they will forever be recognized as representing our best.  Their success is a reflection of the opportunities provided them through participation in the academics, arts, athletics and other programs of the Vermilion Local Schools.
Criteria considered for selection include secondary and post-secondary achievements, professional or lifetime accomplishments, recommendations and community involvement.  While high school performance is important, it is not solely determinative.  The committee gives consideration to those who successfully unite noteworthy accomplishments in school and life.  Nominees must have graduated five (5) years or more before their consideration as a candidate for induction into the Hall of Fame.  A candidate who is not an alumnus must be an individual (i.e. teacher, administrator, coach, advisor, staff or volunteer) who, through personal endeavor, leadership and/or sacrifice over a period of years, has made an extraordinary contribution to the success of Vermilion High School or Vermilion Local Schools.  Employees will first be considered as candidates five years after ending service with Vermilion.  

Past Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2022
Evelyn Hess
Roger E. Watkins

Class of 2019
Benjamin Walter Biskie
David T. Strittmather

Class of 2018
Deborah Zerad Fallows, Class of 1967
David J. Henry, Teacher, 1964-1994
Terry Malone, Ed.D., Class of 1969
Cpl. Tim W. Russell, Class of 1964
Kim Schultz Mroczek, Class of 2002 
Class of 2017
Michael Gerken
Sgt. John L. Kotora
Allie LaForce
Richard Masin
Charles Trinter 
Class of 2016 
Tom Adkins
Don Reiber 
Terry L. Smith
Ted Ward
Class of 2015
Maureen Masin Decker Cordes
Marie Hoffman Hurt
Vicki Deel-Lezon
Donnagene Hall Strittmather
Class of 2014
Constance (Connie) Dropko
Jeff Mey
Lance Rice
George W. Ritter
Class of 2013
Daniel Dropko
Ralph Mayer
Thomas G. Williams
Class of 2012
Amy Backus
Mark Fowler
Larry E. Howell
Paul Mentis, Sr. 
Dr. Terry W. Owen
Frank A. Stiglin
Class of 2011
William "Willie B" Burt
Kristin Dryfuse
Cliff German
Daniel A. Schisler
Megan (Meyer) Stoudt
Class of 2010
Jack Armstrong
Tom Augustine
Judy Sislowski
Class of 2009
Joette McDonald
Roger Ruetenik
Debra A. (Fakan) Shattuck
Class of 2008
Robert (Bob) Bailey
Gregory R. Geib
Albert (Jim) Hart
Nicholas J. Mayer
Dr. Scott R. Millis
Class of 2007
Stephen G. Fakan
Lyn Godley
Ron Leshinski
Michael Poff
Mario J. Rini
Class of 2006
Dr. Allen R. Bohl
Tina Demou D.P.M.
Willis "Gebby" Gebhardt
Thomas L Siebert
Clarence J. Wolf
Class of 2005
Danielle Kost Parrish
Theodore D. Wakefield
Larry R. Wood
David "Frank" Workman
Edwin G. Ziemke

Hall of Fame Charter