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Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy



The Title I Parent Involvement Policy of the Vermilion Local Schools was developed and written in cooperation with the Title I staff and parents representing the served buildings. This policy was written during the course of the school year by scheduling several meetings for the purpose of sharing information, regulations, and the Federal law regarding parent involvement.

It was decided that the parents of the Vermilion Local Schools Title I children would be informed of the many changes in the law by scheduling a flexible number of meetings which may include any of the following suggestions:

1. A required annual fall meeting held on or before November 30th of each school year. Parents will be invited by letter and/or in person, or by telephone, if need be, to attend individual building meetings for the purpose of informing parents about the program, how their child was selected, types of assessments used, descriptions of the curriculum area being served, and expectations for performance improvement and growth in order to increase the probability of their child’s success on the ODE Achievement/Proficiency Tests.

2. A second meeting of a similar nature to #1 above, if a substantial number of parents were unable to attend that required meeting.

3. Family activity nights for Title I families, Title I staff, and any other interested staff members.

In order to accommodate as many parents as possible, Title I buildings may need to provide any or all of the following services for parents:

1. child care as needed

2.evening hours for meetings

Timely information regarding Title I programs, school performance profiles, student assessment results, school curriculum, state testing expectations, and notification of regular meetings will be provided in the following ways:

1. Meetings5. Surveys
2. Phone calls6. Parent workshops
3. Newsletters7. Conferences
4. Progress reports8. Annual reviews

The requirements for annual assessment will include an annual evaluation of the parent involvement policy. The identification of barriers to greater participation by parents will be reviewed by the Title I staff and parents as may be needed. Procedures for revision and response to parental concerns will be handled on an as needed basis at individual buildings.

The school parent compact was developed with the cooperation of Title I parents and teachers. The suggested compact format offered by the State was revised to meet the needs of our students and parents. In order to involve as many parents as possible, we will include samples in our newsletters, as well as use them during parent conference days and/or parent meetings at the buildings. The compact is worded so as to include input from parents, staff, and students, as well as describe how the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to achieve the state’s high standards. Additional information outlines the responsibility of parents, staff, and students in order to enable students to meet performance standards, identifies the ways in which parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s education, and stresses the importance of ongoing communication between parents and teachers.

Effective parent involvement and partnerships among school, parents and the community will be accomplished by publishing a quarterly newsletter, by encouraging and inviting Title I parents to serve on the district committees. Materials and training will be offered to parents as needed through workshops which may be planned by the building, the district, and the county office. We will continue to promote our conference days to encourage parent-school communications and display an "open door” communication attitude for our parents, students, and staff. Whenever possible, parents involved with Parents as Teachers and our Preschool will be invited to participate in our Title I parent involvement strategies.

We will continue to refine and enlarge our parent involvement through the use of resource centers, materials available for home use, parent training and workshops, and access to information via the District Web Page in order to insure that our parents become full partners in their children’s education.

This policy will be reviewed annually for the purpose of informing parents, receiving parental input, making revisions, and officially adopting it at each Title I building.