Treasurer - Finance

Treasurer - Finance

Financial Statements

The unaudited financial statements of the Vermilion Local School District, for the period ending June 30, 2017, are available for review during normal business hours at the Administrative Offices, 1250 Sanford Street, Suite A, Vermilion, Ohio. 
A copy of the report can be downloaded HERE 

Contact Information

1250 Sanford Street, Suite A
Vermilion, OH 44089
Treasurer: Justin Klingshirn
Phone: 440-204-1700, ext. 198
Accounts Payable: Monica Stark
Phone: 440-204-1717
Payroll: Loretta Farnham
Phone: 440-204-1718
Accounts Receivable/Student Activities: 
Sandy Williams 
Phone: 440-204-1700, ext. 124

Important Documents

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