Meet the School Counselor

Meet the School Counselor

VES Happiness Week April 12-16, 2021

Dear Parents-
Last year our school year was cut short right at the best time of the year: Spring! This year we are going to celebrate being in school during spring with Happiness Week 2021.  Celebration days are April 12 – 16.  
The science of happiness suggests that happiness and laughter are contagious.  Those who give to others are happier people. Being outdoors improves our mood. The color yellow is a “happy” color, and happiness can boost our immune system.   Imagine that! For the week, VES staff and students will celebrate happiness in a number of ways:
  • Monday - Kick off with Pharrell’s Happy song and a thought for the week by Dr. Suess: “The more you give away, the happier you become”.  I’ll be reading “A Little Spot of Happiness” each morning during announcements. There will also be a coloring contest in Art class.
  • Tuesday - Joke of the day
  • Wednesday - Wear YELLOW, the happiest color
  • Thursday - Joke of the day, Classroom presentations using the book, The Happiness House.
  • Friday - If you’re happy and you know it-give to others! 
Donations for Vermilion Salvation Army: 
Shampoo,Toothpaste & Brushes 
Please use the shopping cart by the Counselor’s office for these donations. Thanks in advance!

2020-2021 Character Traits


Trustworthy students are Happy students!

trustworthy student is honest and tells the truth, 
even when it’s hard to do. 
trustworthy student is loyal and stands by their family and friends. 
trustworthy student does what they say they will do. 
Have the courage to do the right thing and find happiness doing it!

School Counselor Contact Information

During virtual learning I will be here at VES working from my office. I would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns.  From time to time your child will see some counselor programming, either through my own Google classroom, or through your child’s homeroom classroom.  Mr. Malear and I will start each day with announcements, so I’ll see your students then! Let’s make this a great year even though it is unconventional! 

Mrs. Greenawalt 

440.204.1703 #641

[email protected]

Community Resources

Here are some resources for families to use in the event you need assistance.  Below are two documents with places you can find help for your family. 

Meet the School Counselor

Hello VES Students and Families!

My name is Elizabeth Greenawalt, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself as your student’s school counselor. I have been at VES for 16 years and love every minute spent working with staff, students, and their families. My background is in Clinical Counseling, Prevention, and Case Management, having worked at Bayshore Counseling Services prior to coming to Vermilion. My husband and I live in Huron where we raised six children who are all young adults now. 


As we are all aware, the 2020-2021 back to school time differs greatly from other years. I typically visit each classroom, introducing myself and explaining how a counselor is a helper.  This year, I will get that information out to students, but the method will be virtual. More to follow on that. 

During the month of September, we also begin to discuss what having strong character looks like.  September’s character trait is “Respect”.  Students will learn about ways to show respect at home, at school, and in their community.  Each month will bring a new character trait to explore through counselor lessons. 

I hope to be back in your child’s classroom soon but, until then, I’m smiling at you all-behind my mask ;>)  

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please call 440-204-1700 ext. 641

Here’s to a great 2020-2021 school year! 

Counselor Newsletter

Contact Information

Mrs. Elizabeth Greenawalt
440-204-1703, ext. 641 

Counselor's Mission

The mission of the Vermilion Local Schools professional school counseling program is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program to all students, centered around an engaging curriculum that encourages the highest level of student achievement through their growth in academic, career, and personal / social domains.

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