Registration for All New Students (Pre-K to Grade 12)

Registration for All New Students (Pre-K to Grade 12)

Registration for All New Students


FOR 2020-2021 IS NOW OPEN  



  1. YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and come at your scheduled time. The office is closed except for scheduled appointment times.
  2. ONLY ONE (1) PARENT OR GUARDIAN will be admitted to the registration office. Exceptions may be made for specific situations. If you need help, please call 440-204-1723 to leave a message.
  3. LEAVE CHILDREN AT HOME. Children will not be permitted inside the building. If you bring children, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  4. ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE PROVIDED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.  If you come to the office without an original birth certificate, immunization,  proof of residency or applicable custody documents you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.   See below for more information about what is required.

We are pleased you have chosen to educate your child in the Vermilion Local School District. To begin your child's enrollment, please click the link at the left side of this page and complete the pre-registration information online.   Please carefully read the information below to ensure accurancy.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  Children must be 5 years old by September 30 to enroll in Kindergarten.


Step 1: WHAT YOU WILL NEED:  Address and phone numbers for all parents/guardians as well as primary contacts for the student; names and phone numbers for emergency contacts and medical doctors or dentists.  

Step 2: COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS OF THE ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION. You may save your work at any time and return later, if necessary.  Make sure to record your username and password for later use. 

Step 3: At the end of the online pre-registration process you will be asked to schedule an appointment to finalize your child’s registration.   At the time of your appointment, you are required to provide all required documentation.  Failure to provide these documents will delay your child’s registration and start date.


GUARDIANSHIP:  To verify guardianship or custody, the following are the only acceptable proofs:

  • A certified, time-stamped court order indicating custody together with any modification (3313.672.ORC) attached to the Custody Form
  • A time-stamped notice of the application for appointment of guardianship from probate court (valid for 60 days) attached to the Custody Pending Form
  • A certified copy of court placement orders for foster children attached to the Foster Children Form

A letter from current guardian giving temporary custody is NOT acceptable. Any changes or modifications in the custody orders accepted at time of registration must also be submitted. These requirements are in compliance with Section 3313.672 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

Additional required documents

  • Two (2) proofs of residency
  • Original birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Certified copy of any court order establishing custody or guardianship (court time/date stamp and signed by judge)
  • Current Special Education Records – IEP and MFE
  • Recent Report Card or Interim Report (K-8)
  • Recent Report Card and/or Unofficial transcript (9-12)
  • Custodial Parent/Guardian proof of identity/photo ID
Proof of IdentityParent/Guardian must provide a passport/driver’s license or a state picture I.D. as proof of identity.
Affidavit of ResidencyThis must be submitted with documents proving residency(e.g. utility bills, rental agreement, etc.). For the protection of all residents it is the obligation of parents/guardians seeking to enroll a student to prove they legally and primarily reside in the Vermilion Local School District. The district will NOT enroll without adequate proof of residency. You will be required a minimum of two documents, or as necessary to fulfill the residency requirement. 
Student’s Birth CertificateOriginal or certified copy of birth certificate. In lieu of a birth certificate, a birth affidavit, a passport or an attested transcript of a passport filed with a registrar of passports at a point of entry of the United States showing the date and place of birth of the student. Please bring the original document.  
Student’s Complete Immunization RecordsThe immunization/school health questionnaire is included. A copy of immunization records from the doctor’s office or health department fulfills immunization requirements for registration.
Student RecordsPlease bring a report card or interim report for grades K-8. Current class schedules for grades 8-12 and a report card and copy of unofficial high school transcript for grades 9-12.
Special EducationIf applicable, copies of the following documents must be presented: Multi-Factored Evaluation (MFE) or Evaluation Team Report (ETR); Individual Education Program (IEP); 504 Plan.
A Certified Copy of any Court OrderIf applicable, you must bring a certified copy of any court document establishing Custody or Guardianship from Domestic Relations Court, Probate Court, Juvenile Court, or any other Court of competent jurisdiction which has issued an order regarding the custody of the student(s) being registered.
Proof of ResidencyFirst item for proof of residency must be from the five items listed below:
1. Rental Agreement (lease) signed by landlord and renter; must include landlord contact information
2. Homeowner Mortgage Statement or coupon
3. Homeowners Deed

Second item for proof of residency must be from the six items listed below:
1. Two (2) Utility bills (electric, water, gas, cable, phone)
2. Homeowners insurance statement/bill
3. Property tax bill
4. Most recent pay stub with address
5. Most recent bank statement with address
6. Letter of verification of utility service (water, gas or electric)
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