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Forms for Parents

Forms and Information for Parents

 Many of our most frequently used forms are available for download from the right hand column of this page.  If you need a form that is not listed here, please contact the office staff in your child's school.  

Student Drug Testing Information

Rules and Procedure

Students involved in extra-curricular activities, who purchase parking permits or who qualify for special privileges are automatically enrolled in the Student Drug Testing Program.  Parents who wish to include their student in the program should complete the Drug Testing Consent Form linked below and submit it to Assistant Superintendent James Balotta at 1250 Sanford St., Vermilion.  

Deadline dates for submission of drug testing consent forms:

Fall athletic and extra-curricular activities:      August 30
Winter athletic and extra-curricular activities:  November 20
Spring athletic and extra-curricular activities:   February 28
Students who are not eligible for drug testing through participation in athletic or extra-curricular activities may "opt-in" to the program with parental permission. Click on the link below to download and print the opt-in form.