Advanced Placement AP


Tuesday, September 8, 2020 

Advanced Placement AP

The College Board provides students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while in high school and to possibly receive Advanced Placement (AP) credit upon entering college.  Vermilion High School offers the following AP courses:
AP American Government
AP Calculus
AP English Language 
AP English Literature
AP Statistics
AP Physics  
AP Psychology 
All AP courses receive a weighted grade.  AP exams in their subjects are available to selected proficient and prepared students.  Students may take the AP exam without taking the course; however, this situation is rare.  AP exams in other areas are available to selected proficient and prepared students. See your respective counselor for more information. 
Each AP exam costs approximately $90.00. AP exams are administered at VHS each year in May. New this year for 2019-2020 registration for the exams takes place in the fall.  A fee reduction is available when a verifiable need exists.
AP Credit at Ohio Public Colleges - This search tool will help you look up credit awarded for a given score at any of Ohio’s public institutions.

AP Scores Use this link to view and send your scores. Be sure to send your AP scores to college where you would like to enroll to ensure accurate college credit (automatic credit at Ohio public colleges for scores of 3+).

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