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Students (presently in grade 10) desiring to attend EHOVE or the BGSU/Firelands Tech Prep program during grades 11 and 12 must complete an application form found on EHOVE's website Apply NOW  Students are encouraged to apply by first semester. The EHOVE administrative staff determines acceptance. Students may participate in extra-curricular activities at their home high school and will graduate from Vermilion High School.

EHOVE Career Center expects students to be successful in earning a diploma from their high school while learning skill training in a career field. The acceptance guidelines below will help ensure that both goals are met.


To be eligible to enroll, a student should have on record a minimum of ten (10) units of credit. Eight (8) of the credits should be required academic classes. It is strongly encouraged that the following classes be completed before starting your junior year at EHOVE:

 English – 2 credits

 Math – 2 credits

 Science – 2 credits

 Social Studies – 2 credits

 Health – .50  credit

 Physical Ed – . 50 credit

Detailed information about all of the programs that EHOVE offers can be found at EHOVE .