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Weighted Grades

Weighted Grading Policy

Class of 2014 and Beyond

The Vermilion Board of Education adopted the initial weighted grading policy in 2008–2009. An amendment was approved effective beginning for 2010–2011.  
Vermilion High School will apply an “add-on” factor for the following classes:
Honors English I, Honors English II, Honors English III or CCP+ College Composition I / II, Honors English IV or CCP+ Intro to Poetry, CCP+ Intro to Fiction, AP English Language, AP English Literature
Honors Algebra I (class of 2019 and beyond), Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or CCP+ College Algebra and CCP+ Pre-Calculus, Calculus or AP Calculus, AP Statistics
Honors Physical Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Physics,  CCP+ General Biology, CCP+ Intro to Ecology, AP Physics
Social Studies:
Honors Social Studies I, Honors Social Studies II, Honors Social Studies III, CCP+ US  History I / II, AP Psychology, AP Government 
Foreign Language:    French IV, Spanish IV 
* CCP+ refers to dual enrollment program. These classes are taught at VHS as part of the College Credit Plus  Program (CCP+) at Lorain County Community College.
1. The add-on factor will be 0.5 quality points, beginning in 2012-2013.
2. The add-on factor will be added to final grades of C- or better (70% or higher).
3. Students’ transcripts will reflect their GPA on both the weighted grading scale, using the add-on value, and the 4.0 grading scale.
4. The weighted grading policy and the add-on factor will not be retroactive.