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Comprehensive School Counseling Overview

Comprehensive Counseling Overview Grades 8-12

Vermilion High School is committed to the success of every student with the development of a comprehensive counseling program.  This plan includes is catered towards addressing each student’s needs and interests.  The comprehensive program will provide support and assistance in setting goals for social, emotional, academic and career growth.  

Vermilion High School has built a comprehensive counseling plan around three core domains.

I.  Academic Domain

     A planned academic program will help the student become an effective learner by acquiring skills and knowledge.

II.  Career Development

     The student will investigate their own abilities, values and interests so that students are prepared to make better career choices.

III.  Social and Emotional Development

     The students will develop social and emotional awareness through establishing strong interpersonal relationships, managing feelings and emotions, and embracing opportunities for academic, career and post-secondary success.